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Focusing on Families in the Classroom
Posted on 03/29/2019
Family night
Success in school can be directly linked to a few things: How your student understands the material, their work ethic and whether they may be naturally gifted at the subject. But, according to Buena Vista City Public Schools' Reading Specialist and Title I Coordinator, Denise Fitzgerald, there's another way you can ensure your student is successful--parent involvement. 
Last week, Enderly Elementary school held a "Family Math and Literacy Night." It's an event sponsored by Title I where parents are invited to get a real glimpse at what their child will experience during regular school days and SOL testing. 
"It's a huge carry-over," Fitzgerald said. "When you have that support at home, that support carries over in the classroom. You can see those children that come from homes that support their education, you'll see a bigger effort by those kids." 
BVCPS wants more moms and dads in the classroom and events like these help engage the community. The parents who showed up enjoyed a dinner provided by the school and then got an inside look at what their kids were doing in both reading and math. Each child also received a tool box with books, pencils, markers and other resource preparation materials to help them prepare for the end of the year SOL testing. The event also raffled off prizes like iPads to try and give even more incentive for families to come.
"We let the parents have a real visual on what their child will experience the day of the SOL to help them succeed," Fitzgerald said. We showed them what the actual SOL document looks like and gave them the tools to help them. To get families in here is the key to their child's success."
Parents can look forward to new and different family engagement activities for the '19-'20 school year.