Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher
Kasey Tomlin

We would like to introduce our Buena Vista family to Kasey Tomlin - our new 3rd grade science and social studies teacher.

How long have you been an educator?

I have been a paraprofessional for two year and a teacher for one year.

What is your favorite story to read in the classroom with students?

The According to Humphrey Series

How does your classroom make you feel?

I feel excited.  I love to walk in every day and see all the smiling faces.

What do you consider the most important issues in education today?

I think there are several important issues today.  For me, some would include: classroom size, poverty, family factors, technology, bullying, students’ attitudes and behaviors, and parental involvement.

What does it mean to be a Blue?

For me, being a “Blue” means standing up for those important issues and finding ways that I may need to improve.  It means putting my heart and soul into what I teach to the “Little Blues” and hoping that they have the knowledge that they can choose to be what they want to be, and be successful at it. Being a Blue also means that I have respect for my leaders and I support the school system.

Did you graduate from BVCPS?

I came to the school system during the second semester of my fourth grade year in 1997.  I graduated in 2005 from Parry McCluer High School.

What degree(s) do you have and which college(s) did you attend?

I have an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Information Technology from Dabney S. Lancaster Community College.  I transferred to Liberty University where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Interdisciplinary Studies.

Tell us about your family?

I am very blessed to have a wonderful family.  I have my husband, Jeff, and two kid – one boy, Jordan, and one girl, Katie.

What are the main goals for your classroom this year?

The main goal for my classroom is creating an environment where kids know they can come and be successful, learn the skills and knowledge that they need to move on, and where they can grow and excel in anything they put their minds to.

What is something new and different you want to try with your students this year?

I have something that I already tried with them.  It is a small, in-class social studies field trip where I set the desks and tables up to create the shape of the country we are learning about.  I have different stops in the country where they can complete activities and learn more about whatever culture we are focusing on.

What do you want parents to know?

I am here anytime they need me and I will do my best to teaching their child how to be successful.