Useful Links
Spelling City - This link will provide you with students' spelling words that will be on their spelling test at the end of the week. I encourage students to practice their words at home by taking a practice test so they are aware of the words they have mastered, as well as the words they need more practice with.

Get Epic! - Get Epic! is a wonderful website in which students can choose from THOUSANDS of books to read. The books are based on interest, and many provide an audio feature that will read the book to the student. We use this website daily in class. Our class code is:

PortaPortal - PortaPortal is a website that gives users access to our classroom links all in one place! To find our page, type in bckerr12 in the "Guest Access" field on the right-hand side of the screen. From there, you will find all the links we use in class for reading, spelling, and SOL prep.

Read Theory - Read Theory is a great website that tests students' comprehension. Students are given reading passages and then are asked questions about the passage. This website will even show students the grade level they are reading on. Excellent for practice at home! Students usernames are firstname.lastname (example: brandi.kerr) and their passwords are bvcps2019.